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It is said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” But culture can - and should be - as intentional as strategy, and it all starts with your people. Working side by side with your leadership team, I’ll help you:

  • Establish core values and incentivize behaviors that reenforce them

  • Hire for attitude and aptitude as well as abilities

  • Increase long-term retention through, professional development, succession planning, and benefits people actually want and use


The skills required to successfully lead others are not innate - like anything else, they are developed with practice and dedication. Drawing on transformational theory, mindfulness techniques, and a decade of experience leading teams from 2 to 100 people, I’ll help your people develop:

  • Techniques for delivering feedback in a way that improves morale rather than crushing it

  • Tools for navigating differences in backgrounds, communication styles, and priorities

  • Practices for developing accountability among individuals and teams


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How do you develop new products and maintain existing ones? There’s no need to re-invent the wheel - you can implement the same agile and design thinking principles used by Silicon Valley to ensure you’re making the right products for the right people. I’ll help you expand your thinking about your product offerings, and hone your plans for bringing them to market by:


Safe, consistently high quality products can only be produced by supply chains that are transparent, resilient, transparent, and efficient. Together, we can level up your supply chain by:

  • Defining sourcing standards

  • Finding producers who have the desire and capability to adhere to your sourcing standards

  • Discovering waste (product, time, energy, goodwill)

  • Connecting with partners who can help you make the next leap in size or efficiency


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Your company is out to change the world - but are you getting our message across? Through a series of discussions and exercises, we’ll refine your mission to a succinct statement of purpose that anyone can understand. We’ll put in place a plan for communicating that mission to your stakeholders, internal and external. And we'll make sure it’s alive in all aspects of your company culture, from hiring to product development to social media and everything in between.


Exceptional companies don’t win market share based on price, convenience, or even the rational merits of their products. They win because they make their customers feel when interacting with their brand. We’ll take a close look at the touch points of your business - both online and in person - and develop a plan to make your brand come alive. This may include:

  • Defining your customer lifecycle and identifying touch points

  • Digital user experience audit

  • Customer interviews, surveys, and secret shopping reports

  • Customer service training for on-the-ground team members

Have a project idea that isn’t covered by the above? No problem!
I also do custom engagements based on your company’s unique needs.